Jovex and Debby spent an afternoon with their daughter, Artemis, in the Hong Kong Gold Coast, having fun at the beach and playground, before enjoying the teatime in a restaurant. The Golden Beach will always hold a special place in Jovex and Debby’s hearts, as this was where Jovex proposed to Debby.

Jovex's Comment:

“A big thank to Ronnie, my most respected photographer. It’s such a wonderful and memorable experience. And we love the documentary style, seize the magic moments. It’s what we need.”

•    •    •

Miki is mother of Winston, who turned two-years old exactly on the day of the shooting. Her husband has a long working hours, and Miki had decided to quit her job and focus on taking care of her baby son.  They form a daily routine since then, hanging out at the park, playing at the playground, etc. Life at the moment is repetitive, but Winston certainly brings a deeper meaning to her life.

Miki's Comment:

“It’s a joy watching the child growing up each day, and photography is an ideal device to keep these precious memories. The difference of having a documentary photographer instead of taking selfies by myself is that I can carry on my normal life, I don’t need to stop and look at the camera, the photographer will capture those storytelling moments for me and my family. It was a wonderful & unforgettable experience, and the photos are so touching.”

•    •    •

Tammy and Kelvin are both school teachers, on the day of shooting they set out for a little journey to a distant park they have never visited before, with their adorable daughter, Alvina. They truly enjoy their family time especially they can ignore the hectic city rhythm, as you may know, being a teacher in Hong Kong nowadays is a demanding job.

Tammy's Comment:

“Thank you for capturing these wonderful and sweet memories for us, the emotions are candid! I keep watching at these pictures, and the happy smiling face of my daughter.”

•    •    •

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