Life is short, yet there are so many fleeting moments that deserve a well documentation. Apart from important milestones such as a wedding day or a graduation, people often neglect other little moments in daily life. Imagine when you become older, you always think back to your childhood: the park that your parents used to bring you to, the doll that you treated like your best friend, the way your granny comforted you when you were crying… These may sounds ordinary, but they will become your important memories in the future. If you have a series of pictures that relive the past, isn’t it a precious present for you or your children?

That’s why I offer this documentary family photography session - “Day in the Life”. Unlike traditional family photography, there won't be any weird poses or awkward smiles, nor any assigned costumes or props, I just blend into your family, and capture what I see through my camera. You don’t have to act like someone else, just be yourself, and live your normal life. These unscripted moments can form an honest and unique story of your family.

Whether you are going out for a family picnic, celebrating an anniversary, welcoming a newborn baby, or simply hanging around at your comfy home, these are all good occasions for ‘A Day in the Life’ session. Check out the gallery, recent photo stories, and book a session that best suit your needs. I’ll be looking forward to documenting your family life!

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