Deborah & Anthony Family

From Deborah, mother of Liam and Caleb:

“We are in awe with the great work and love every single one of them. Kids definitely looked extra adorable in those photos! I must say the black and white touches added more depth to the photos. We are now torn as we can't pick one favourite. There are just too many! Thank you again for your time with us. I am going to put it on my calendar, we are definitely turning this into our yearly ritual.”

Debby & Jovex Family

From Jovex, father of Artemis:

“A big thank to Ronnie, my most respected photographer. It’s such a wonderful and memorable experience. And we love the documentary style, seize the magic moments. It’s what we need.”

Winston's Family

From Miki, mother of Winston:

“It’s a joy watching the child growing up each day, and photography is an ideal device to keep these precious memories. The difference of having a documentary photographer instead of taking selfies by myself is that I can carry on my normal life, I don’t need to stop and look at the camera, the photographer will capture those storytelling moments for me and my family. It was a wonderful & unforgettable experience, and the photos are so touching.”

Tammy & Kelvin Family

From Tammy, mother of Alvina:

“Thank you for capturing these wonderful and sweet memories for us, the emotions are candid! I keep watching at these pictures, and the happy smiling face of my daughter.”

Adam's Family

From Sylvia, mother of Adam:

“Went through all of the pictures with my parents, they love them so much! Photos are delivered as what I wanted them to be. Thanks and surely will recommend to my friends”

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