As a wedding photographer, my mission is to capture genuine moments as your wedding day story unfolds.

It was a few years ago when I first started to cover weddings in a real documentary approach (some may call it 'wedding photojournalism' or 'wedding reportage'). The majority of wedding photographers in Hong Kong tend to shoot in traditional style, or focus too much on setting up a scene so that they can take ‘ideal’ pictures of whatever they want. However, I found that the most important element is always missing, and that is emotion. Nothing wrong with the traditional style, but it just doesn’t suit me. Emotion (real emotion to be precise, not being staged or directed by the photographer), is what I always try to capture during a wedding.

Men don’t cry easily, and if a bride’s father melted into tears, it must be a very moving scene. In this picture for example, the father couldn't hold back his tears as her daughter exchanging rings with the groom, and luckily I didn’t miss this moment. Whenever I see this picture again, I’m still touched by it. 

I think perhaps this is what wedding photojournalism is all about~

Ronnie Szeto

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