Four different types of sessions for you to choose. You can message me for price details or make a tailor-made request!

"Moments of Life" / "Essence of Life" / "Day in the Life" / "Stories of Life"

Moments in Life

3 hours

Covering the most enjoyable moments of your daily routines.

Essence of Life

5-6 hours (half day)

Covering the major activities of your family day, such as a beach walk, a visit to your relatives, a celebratory event, your baby’s first 24 hours of life, or a Friday family night.

Day in the Life

Unlimited shooting within 24 hours

From wake-up to bedtime, this session covers your whole day activity.

Highly recommended if you want to have a full record of how your life looks like at the moment.

Stories of Life

A continuous shooting project

This is a complete documentary of an important stage or event of your family. From picturing a family vacation, an overseas adventure, or an ongoing story from pregnancy up until the kids grow up a few years from now. This can be done in an one-off multiple-days shooting, or in different sessions within several months or years.

This would be a very meaningful investment for you and your children!

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